The Decade

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About the Film

The Decade

 “The Decade” follows one man’s (Jake) journey through the Decade 2000-2010. From falling in love, to losing his pregnant wife (Sarah) in the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, from joining the military and returning from Afghanistan broken to becoming addicted to opioids and finding that the world he once knew no longer has a place for him.  All upon the backdrop of scenes from the decade and music created by some of the top Independent singer-songwriters of “The Decade”. 

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Below is the list of the talented folks that have helped and continue to help to bring the movie "The Decade" to fruition.  These individuals worked tirelessly to bring their special talents to this production.  Please take a time to check them out below.

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The Music


The basic idea was to let the music tell the story.  The lyrics of the songs become the dialog for the picture.  Short voice over sections will represent less than 10% of the movie, leaving the songs to take us through.


Matt Angus penned half of the tunes in the movie, along with 10 other singer-songwriting acts, with most songs being written during "The Decade", and all musicians involved are musicians that have played the long running Black Potatoe Music Festival.  We will be updating our musician list through out the next couple of months.  We have players from Levon Helm to songwriters/players like Willy Porter.

The Cast

Kierceton Keller - Sarah

Taylor Meyers - Michelle Booker

Jay Wright - 2nd Lieutenant Booker

Gabriella “Gabby” Harrell - Specialist Rodham

Javier M Santiago - Corporal Jay Stewart

Ryan Glover - Private first class McCain

James McKay - Private Page

Brielle Rickards - Lauren Stewart

Maggie Anderson - Lauren's Mother

Christian Bauman - Lauren's Father

Gregg Cagno - Mr. Guitar

Gordon Dexheimer - McCain's Father

Shelly Gonzalez - Rodham's partner

Elyanna Gonzalez - Rodham's daughter

Jen Harris - Page's Mother

Lane Farmer - Page's Father

Jill Marlene - Booker's Stepmother

Stephen K Patterson - Booker's Father

Janice Kovach - Justice of the Peace


Tom Gordon - Sound Supervisor, boom man, tall man

Justin Holt - Director of Photography, Lighting Director, Cameraman, Editor, everything technical and master of the ninja ham sandwich.

Matt Angus - Director, Writer, Jake and guy that talks too much.


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